Workwear, PPE and Janitorial

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Suppliers & Benefits

The Workwear, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and Janitorial products Agreement provide substantial cost efficiencies of up to 25% and significant choice to IHP Members.  The agreement has been awarded to five suppliers and is set to run for three years from March 2010. It provides substantial cost efficiencies of up to 25% and significant choice to Members.

Workwear and PPE suppliers

Alexandra Plc
Arco Ltd

Janitorial suppliers

Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies
Nationwide Hygiene Supplies Ltd
Office Depot Plc

Why use IHP for Workwear, PPE and Janitorial?

Benefits of the Workwear, PPE and Janitorial Agreement include:

  • Average saving of 24% on Janitorial supplies and 25% on Workwear and PPE.

  • Agreed prices on core list items of Workwear, PPE and Janitorial products.  Fixed pricing for 12 months by all the suppliers. 40% discount off price list for non-core products. Core price lists to be amended to Members needs on a basis.

  • COSSHH sheets readily available.  All suppliers able to provide the option of punch out catalogues Delivery of core products within 48 hours and non-core products within 7 days.  Suppliers to hold stock of all core items. 

  • Dedicated Account Managers & Customer Service Agreed.

  • SLAs and KPIs in areas such as delivery, communications, contract management, invoice accuracy and timeliness and management information.