Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Voltage Optimisers


Due to the nature of the Agreement, the contract was awarded in two lots to 36 Suppliers. Lot 1 is for 'Supply Only', for which 15 Suppliers have been awarded, some of whom are manufacturers whose products are available via the Merchants/Distributors also awarded in Lot 1.

Lot 2 is for 'Supply and Install', for which 24 Suppliers/Contractors have been awarded. Price lists are available for Lot 1 on request.

Contract Period

May 2011 - April 2015

The framework agreement is set to run for the duration of 4 years.


This brand new framework agreement on Solar PV, Solar Thermal, and Voltage Optimisers, launched in May 2011, will offer our Members significant cost savings on energy, which is a very important part of Retrofitting, one of the biggest challenges facing the social housing sector for the next decade.

We have developed a holistic approach to sustainable retro-fitting incorporating contractors, consultants, suppliers, products, services, skills, jobs and resident training, which will be focused on meeting the Green Deal and wider sustainability agendas.

A working product group was established and a consultant appointed to help determine the most appropriate technical specification for our requirements. A cross-functional product group was also established to assist the consultants in designing and agreeing on a specification. The result of all of this extensive research and development has allowed the delivery of a framework which is not only fully EU compliant but also delivers the sector value for money and the most modern and effective Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic and Voltage Optimisers technologies in the marketplace.

The procurement solution for Retrofit will be split into supply of six key product groups, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, and Voltage Optimisers being the first to be launched.

The framework includes: 

  • Photovoltaic Panels - PV systems generate electricity from the sun for use by buildings and/or export to the grid.

  • Solar Hot Water systems - SHW or Solar Thermal systems use direct or indirect sunlight to heat water and can supply domestic hot water, or in some cases, space heating.

  • Voltage Optimisers - slightly reduce the voltage supplied to appliances. Most modern appliances run on 230 volts. Supply is around 240 volts but varies between c230 and c250. Optimising the voltage at 230v reduces wasted energy and can make appliances last longer.

Key benefits of the Agreement

  • Dedicated account managers

  • Fully EU tendered

  • Competitive pricing

  • Installation options

  • Ongoing maintenance and support available

  • Ongoing contract management and supplier performance monitoring

  • Training and employment opportunities

  • There is a minimum Technical Specification document, available to Members on request


IHP can conduct mini-competitions on behalf of Members with the 36 suppliers on the Solar PV, Solar Thermal, and Voltage Optimisers framework. IHP will coordinate a mini-competition and feedback the results comparing which of the proposals provides best value for money. Assessing framework suppliers through mini-competition is the recommended way to ensure efficiencies are realised, and PfH will manage the entire process on your behalf.

If you would like to conduct a mini-competition for Solar PV, Solar Thermal, and Voltage Optimisers, please contact