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IHP raises over 2000 pounds for Jospice!

24th September, 2010

After a number of delays due to the ash clouds earlier this year and simply bad British weather, on the 12th September IHP staff finally took to the sky for a 14,000ft sponsored parachute jump.

A number of brave members of the IHP team completed 14,000 ft freefall parachute jump that rose over £2000 for IHP Member St Joseph's Hospice.

"Having eventually done the sky dive it was well worth the wait! We all had a brilliant day which ended with the experience of a lifetime, jumping out of a plane from 14,000 feet! It's great that we managed to raise over £2000 for Jospice and knowing that all the donations are going to a great cause made the experience all the better. I can't wait to do it again!" Kim Meachin, Commercial Executive

Linda Byrne Events and Community Fundraising Manager at Jospice said, "Well done and thank you for the wonderful support and effort made the team at IHP! This is a great achievement and the money raised will be used to support the work at Jospice.

Jospice provides end of life care for the people of Merseyside and without the help of volunteers like IHP we would not be in a position to provide this care. We are committed to a building project to create 4 more bedrooms for the patients; this will mean we can probably care for 50 extra patients a year. The demand on our beds has increased over the last couple of years so the extension is needed."

In addition to helping you to save money, IHP is keen to help you to raise money! We have a number of willing colleagues within the IHP team who are more than willing to support your fundraising efforts.

If you are looking for fundraising participants, get in touch by emailing info@ihponline.co.uk.