St Joseph's Hospice

Based in Thornton, Liverpool, St Joseph's Hospice is a charity with a fundraising and conference facility. The 25 bed hospice services the public sector and has approx. 90-100 staff. St Joseph's also hosts conferences for up to 6,000 people a year.

Questions answered by Nessa Wells, Site Manager.

Why did you join IHP?

St Joseph's Hospice was already a member when I started work here. I believe we joined through recommendation.

What benefits has IHP generated for your organisation?

I believe we have saved a lot of money, have top class suppliers and security of knowing the staff at IHP are experts in their business and have good contacts.

How has IHP helped your organisation maximise the savings available to you?

Due to constant support from IHP and discussions about our needs and suppliers we are slowly starting to eliminate old suppliers who have taken us for granted.

St Joseph's Hospice

Tell us about a recent project that IHP has helped you with.

We were in the unfortunate position of being tied into a rollover contract. IHP helped us to get out of this contract, which was costing in excess of £20,000 a year. They introduced us to a new supplier and we saved in excess of £15,000 a year, which is phenomenal. IHP have helped in other areas but that was the one that stands out.

When we were changing our Clinical Waste, a sales person came to me and gave me a quote for the service - I always like to get comparisons. I then spoke to Carl Merritt at IHP, didn't tell him I had seen another sales person and asked for a quote. IHP looked at the account and as it turned out, also got a good quote from the same company that had originally approached me. However, IHP's quote was £2,000 cheaper due to our Membership benefits.

Do you find using IHP cost effective in terms of time and effort? How?

If I need something new or replaced I automatically place a call into IHP. I can guarantee a result within the day and I do not have to move from my desk. It's all done mainly by e-mail and if they are not sure of my requirements they ring to check. It's all ordered and done without too much work from me. They also beat any prices I have received.

What savings do you expect to make annually?

Over £20,000 at least.

How will your patients benefit from the savings you make?

At the end of the day all savings affect our patients and the more savings we have, the more we can spend on our patients for care and services, new beds and mattresses, redecorating rooms, catering for families of the bereaved and so on.