Careways Trust Ltd formerly traded as Crossways Trust Ltd. The Trust changed its name in 2007, in order to better reflect the business of the organisation and to complement its wholly owned trading subsidiary, Careways Agency which was formed in 2005.

Questions answered by Louise Coppard, Registered Manager, Careways Trust Ltd

Why did you join IHP?

We used IHP at my previous home and the savings were fantastic and therefore when I moved to Careways I joined them up with IHP

What benefits has IHP generated for your organisation?

We have saved money purchasing food, large one-off items, and also time in the respect that IHP provide the manpower to direct us to the correct supplier

How has IHP helped your organisation maximise the savings available to you?

By ensuring that we can then put the savings towards other items within the home.

Tell us about a recent project that IHP has helped you with.

We reviewed our pest control spend and IHP put us in touch with one of their suppliers and it saved us about 45% per annum in spend

Do you find using IHP cost effective in terms of time and effort? How?

Absolutely! Because it’s a one stop shop I can go to IHP with a query and they are able to tell me immediately if they are able to help and where to get that help from.

What are the most useful elements of IHP’s dedicated client service?

Being able to see the cost savings; the audits

What savings do you expect to make annually?

At least £12K

How will your residents benefit from the savings you make?

The savings we make mean that any additional profits get put back into the company for things we need.

How has central billing helped to streamline your purchasing?

By having monthly statements with all our suppliers on that we can monitor and any issues are then dealt with by IHP rather than us having to contact individual suppliers.

What would you say to other healthcare providers that are considering becoming a member of IHP?

They would be mad not to join IHP. We really have benefited from the service and have used them for many years.  In the current economic climate all costs are being reviewed but one item which we aim to keep is the IHP account.