Key Lines of Regulatory Assessment

As care home organisations will be aware, a set of guidelines called the Key Lines of Regulatory Assessment (KLORA) has been enforced by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to help inspectors make decisions about the quality of a care service.

From our vast experience, we know KLORA has major implications on the buying behaviour of organisations in the independent healthcare sector and with suppliers’ assistance IHP are aligning service offerings with the requirements of KLORA.

KLORA judges care services against outcome groups relating to choice of home, individual needs and choices, lifestyle / daily life and social activities, concerns, complaints and protection, environment and staffing.

They allow the CQC to judge how well a provider delivers outcomes for the people using the service, rating them as Excellent, Good, Adequate or Poor. One overall judgement must be made for each of the outcome areas. This judgement is based on the standards looked at during the inspection process. 

Decisions are broken down into three parts:

  • Sustenance/quality

  • Infection control

  • Safety

The new regulations for quality & safety can be found here providing an official introduction to the regulations.

To help your organisation achieve ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ KLORA ratings, IHP have a number of agreements in place across catering, business services, property and maintenance and medical product groups.