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kff is the leading independent foodservice supplier in the South East of England. We supply an extensive range of over 4,000 high quality frozen, chilled and ambient products, direct to the caterer. Our business has been built over the last 45 years and is founded on providing our customers with high quality produce and exceptional service.

kff is a family owned business who care deeply about customer service and the quality of products we sell. We are passionate about local produce and local suppliers are sourced wherever possible to promote sustainability and reduce the amount of miles food travels, giving our customers access to the freshest, finest ingredients.

kff works with “Produced in Kent” and “A Taste of Sussex”, to promote the diversity and quality of the South East’s food and drink products. Both organisations are members of The South East Food Group Partnership (SEFGP), which brings together food groups in the South East of England which champion local and regional produce.

We are continually striving to source unique and innovative products to give our customers that all important point of difference on their menus. For example, our Excellence range of specialist fine foods and ingredients brings together many innovative and exclusive products, sourced with the discerning chef in mind.

As an IHP Member, kff can benefit you because:


  • With over 40 years experience, kff is a principal foodservice supplier and family owned business committed to delivering quality direct to the caterer.

  • As a service led company, kff is continually striving to better meet its customers’ needs. Equipped with extensive product knowledge, area sales managers can talk your language and discuss menu planning, market trends and profit opportunities. A strong rapport with suppliers makes it possible for kff to work with them to develop new products, often in response to customer requests.

  • By working with many smaller, niche suppliers, kff is able to offer a point of difference to customers by providing more artisan and often less processed foods.

  • If specialist fine foods and ingredients is what you’re after, the Excellence range brings together hundreds of innovative products, focusing on the raw ingredients needed for truly creative dishes. Each product has been selected for its outstanding quality as well as great menu appeal.

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