Patient Link

Patient Link is a small local Charity in East Preston, West Sussex. It was set up to assist the medical practice to buy items to improve patient welfare for the persons living in the surgery's catchment area.

Questions answered by Roger Lovell, Trustee and Treasurer.

Why did you join IHP?

As a previous client of IHP for a large charity in SE London (where I was Finance Director) I was well aware of the expertise available from IHP and the fact that it could carry out the "best value" research for any equipment or consumables that were needed by one of its members.

What benefits has IHP generated for your organisation?

IHP conducts research into "best value" therefore our funds have been able to maximise support to the surgery and, therefore, its patients.

Patient Link

How has IHP helped your organisation maximise the savings available to you?

They advise us on the latest range of products and obtain discounts that would not normally be available to us.

Tell us about a recent project that IHP has helped you with.

We have recently purchased a specialist couch that can be used by a range of therapists. Rather than being "fobbed off" with something that the local wholesaler was trying to clear, we have obtained the best piece of equipment available and purchased it at a much lower price than we would have been able to obtain without the help of IHP.

What are the most useful elements of IHP's dedicated client service?

Their expertise, friendliness and "can do" attitude.

What savings do you expect to make annually?

It's difficult to quantify, but the surgery anticipates a 20% reduction in the cost of most of its consumables.

How will your patients benefit from the savings you make?

We will be able to make our financial support go further, thereby enhancing the facilities at the surgery.

How has central billing helped to streamline your purchasing?

With my former employer Central Billing made the whole administration of the purchase ledger much easier to deal with. As a result, the purchase ledger clerk had more time available and we were able to grant her long-standing wish to reduce her working week.

What would you say to other healthcare providers that are considering becoming a member of IHP?

IHP provides on hand expertise available for almost anything that an organisation wants to buy - from a ballpoint pen to refurnishing a Care Home, or a loaf of bread to feeding several hundred people seven days per week.