Frozen Foods



Summary and benefits

 IHP members can choose from the largest range of quality products available in foodservice under this agreement, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of manufacturers brands. Members also benefit from the extensive offerings and expertise available, with unbeatable prices. This is supported by services and resources that assist customers across the food industry. Suppliers offer a varied menu containing the right health benefits for recovery or day to day wellbeing, as this is essential in the healthcare industry.

Why choose IHP for all your Frozen Food?

  • High quality brochures & product listings

  • Dedicated IHP core price list

  • Qualified nutrionists & Dieticians specialising in healthcare 

  • Expert sales forces

  • Consortium buying power

  • Sustainable solutions

  • Dedicated IHP sales and customer service representatives available through all suppliers

  • Dedicated support from the IHP team

  • On-going contract management and supplier performance monitoring

  • Seamless payment processing through Central Billing

KLORA focused

Suppliers are focused on offering bespoke product specifications and specific therapeutic diets to help care homes meet KLORA's sustenance and quality requirements. These include:

  • Product specifications, so care homes can prove that they are meeting the religious and cultural dietary requirements of residents

  • Special therapeutic diets available, to ensure that individuals are catered for