Wishing Well Day Nursery

It is a registered private day nursery for children aged 0 to 5 years operating full or part-time care, including a pick up service to and from local schools. Based in Bingley, West Yorkshire.

Questions answered by Linda Dargan, Director.

Why did you join IHP?

To save money and have the ease of ordering from one supplier.

What benefits has IHP generated for your organisation?

It is easy to order most products.

How has IHP helped your organisation maximise the savings available to you?

It has helped us save on time.

Do you find using IHP cost effective in terms of time and effort? How?

Yes. Using IHP saves us time when ordering and they also ensure we have quick delivery times.

How will the children in your care benefit from the savings you make?

It means money can be spent on other things.

How has central billing helped to streamline your purchasing?

You can see how much it all costs instead of using several suppliers and not having all your costs together.

What would you say to other healthcare providers that are considering becoming a member of IHP?

It does save money and time.