Oakdown House

Oakdown provides residential and day services for adults with learning disabilities. It has 45 residents, 65 staff and is based in East Sussex.

Questions answered by Michael Derrick, Managing Director.

Why did you join IHP?

To get some expert and impartial advice on controlling costs.

What benefits has IHP generated for your organisation?

IHP has saved me time and money, negotiated tariffs on my behalf, achieved the buying power of a national company for a small business and been able to ensure suppliers deliver on their promises.


How has IHP helped your organisation maximise the savings available to you?

They have negotiated a range of new supply contracts and tariffs, only available to a national purchaser with some clout.

Tell us about a recent project that IHP has helped you with.

IHP helped to change my electricity supplier. They secured three quotes, all at competitive rates, gave me several options for the duration of the contract, allowed me to make the decision and completed all the paperwork. All this was done at a time when wholesale prices are going through the roof and my electricity bills have gone up only slightly above inflation.

Do you find using IHP cost effective in terms of time and effort? How?

The biggest factor for me is time. As the MD of a small business, I don't have enough time to fit everything in. I need to concentrate on the bigger issues; quality control, business planning and management development. Using a service like IHP allows the real experts to save time and money on my behalf - there is no extra work at my end - leaving me to concentrate on running the business. Without this service, I either wouldn't have time to shop around to get the best deals or I would have to just go with the most convenient and often the most expensive supplier.

What are the most useful elements of IHP's dedicated client service?

It's good to speak to people you know who understand your business.

What savings do you expect to make annually?

I would estimate that on our food, energy and other supplies budgets of £77,000 p.a. we have saved around 15% or £11,550 per year.

How will your residents benefit from the savings you make?

The less we spend on goods and services, the more we can invest in the buildings and staff team, putting our money where it really matters.

How has central billing helped to streamline your purchasing?

It has reduced the number of payments we make each month, saving on administration time, bank charges and hassle.

What would you say to other healthcare providers that are considering becoming a member of IHP?

They can save you a lot of valuable time and money!