What is Aspire?

Aspire is a social impact programme that has been developed by the staff of CEL Procurement. The programme includes a wide range of projects that have clear and measureable social objectives. Our projects focus primarily on the local community and in areas that ally closely with the vision and values of our business and those of our customers.

We believe that being the best at what we do, means providing the best service for customers, being the best employer for our staff, but also doing the best for our community and helping to create a sustainable future.

Aspire to Work

Through Aspire to work, CEL Procurement has developed an apprenticeship programme, taking on young people and providing them with the opportunity to work and gain experience in various parts of the business. We also work with the University of Manchester and the University of Liverpool to provide graduate routes into the business.

Through schools in the Warrington area, we have developed a short-term work experience programme for local school children, to give them invaluable insight into key functions such as finance, marketing, sales, procurement and administration. 

Aspire in Partnership

CEL Procurement has a growing network of local partners, which it works with in order to achieve some of its key social outcomes. These include charities, schools, local authorities, social housing organisations and businesses. CEL uses its partnering expertise to bring these organisations together to deliver outcomes for the local community.

We work with Warrington Youth Club to provide training for staff and mentoring for its members and many of our staff volunteer and work on fund raising projects. In addition, we use our supply chain to reduce the charity’s costs and help them to create efficiencies. 

Aspire for Business

CEL Procurement is particularly keen to share the business skills it possesses with local community groups so that they can become more effective in delivering their own services. This is a key strand of the relationship we have with Warrington Youth Club where we provide training and advice for staff across a range of business disciplines, and recently helped one member of staff gain a Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply qualification.

Through our work with Warrington Youth Club on the development of a youth village in the centre of Warrington, we are also helping young people set up their own businesses and social enterprises by providing them with business skills and training.

We provide procurement services and advice to both Warrington Youth Club and Youth Village businesses to help them reduce costs and learn how to manage costs in the future.

Aspire for Young People

Young people in particular need extra support in this economic climate and if CEL Procurement is to help the community develop a sustainable future, it is in this area that a great deal of effort is required. Much of the Aspire programme from work experience to volunteering focuses on building this support and it is the reason we chose to work so closely with Warrington Youth Club.

The Aspire to Work programme focuses on supporting people into work through apprenticeships, graduate placements and work experience. We are working with schools to provide advice on job interview skills and also providing skills for the young entrepreneurs who are starting up businesses in the Youth Village in the centre of Warrington.

Aspire for young people is not just about employability and many of our staff are involved in supporting Warrington Youth Club’s mentoring programme, which provides one-to-one support and confidence building for teenagers. 

Aspire in the Community

One of the key outcomes for CEL Procurement is that through Aspire, its staff gain invaluable skills and experience through each project. We encourage all of our staff to get involved in some aspect of the programme and to engage with groups in the community through volunteering, fundraising and our work in the Warrington Youth Village.

In September 2012, ten of our staff took time away from the office to help Warrington Youth Club renovate a disused Bank in the centre of Warrington and convert it into a youth village where young people are setting up their own businesses. We are also helping those same young people develop the business skills to ensure that they can make a success of their ventures.

Many of our staff are involved in fundraising for Warrington Youth Club through sponsored runs, bike rides and social events.