Catherine Craig


Catherine Craig


Business Development Manager

What is your role within IHP?

My Business development role includes a number of techniques designed to grow an economic enterprise. Such techniques include assessments of marketing opportunities and target markets, intelligence gathering on customers and competitors, generating leads for possible sales, follow-up sales activity, formal proposal writing and business model design. Business development involves evaluating a business and then realising its full potential, using such tools as marketing, sales, information management and customer service

How did you get the role?

With my previous company I had a portfolio of contracts under the Social Inclusion and Financial Exclusion umbrella.
Working with disadvantaged groups throughout England and Wales, we provided independent outreach advice about debt, education, benefits and tax credits, employment and housing problems. This also included Legal Advocacy.

The main gap in services tended to be that people had many related issues namely health and lack of informed choice in order to access services that cater for their needs. Therefore a working knowledge of the Personalization agenda and experience on specific care issues has been a transferable skill to enhance CEL's focus within the Healthcare sector.

What does your role entail?

My role is to enhance the service the IHP provides to Members. I work closely with IHP members as well as CEL's Marketing and Procurement teams to achieve a healthcare procurement service that reflects customers needs in this current and future market.

What is the best thing about your role?

Working with a professional and positive team to achieve a fully enhanced Healthcare Procurement services offer.

What are your plans for the future with IHP?

Working with the team to develop and deliver greater services by utilising feedback from IHP members.