Quantum Billing

IHP's Central Billing

Click here to download the Central Billing FAQ document, Central Billing process and new Central Billing website user guide

Central Billing is a unique, free service for IHP Members that significantly reduces administration time, simplifies cost management and increases control over billing.

Central Billing is an integral part of IHP's collective purchasing service. It enables the consortium and its suppliers to manage payments more efficiently and to monitor purchasing volumes. This enables IHP to negotiate better deals with suppliers.

Central Billing streamlines the billing process for all IHP products. IHP Members make a single direct debit payment that covers all goods and services from IHP suppliers. This reduces administrative time on processing payments, provides greater management and control of supplies.

Members still receive paper invoices from suppliers which are required for VAT purposes.

The  Central Billing System enables you to view and manage your purchasing data in much greater detail, with full access to statements and invoices in an online account. 

It has been developed using feedback from Central Billing Members and will benefit from:

- Improved visibility – detailed breakdown of both invoice and statement information will be available;

- Greater flexibility – you will be able to download data from multiple statement periods simultaneously and;

- Better financial reporting – statement and invoice information will be available with net, VAT and gross figures.

Contact the team

If you are a Member of IHP and have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Central Billing team on info@iphonline.co.uk or 0845 864 5161.